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7 Strategies for Boosting Enrollment with Effective School Marketing

By Cristiana , in General , at May 15, 2023

Running a school depends on recruiting students to enroll and parents to support your learning institution. It seems simple, especially with nine percent of students in the United States attending a private school. Getting the best students requires your school to stand out from the other options, and clever marketing ideas will go a long way to helping you reach new students.

Your digital marketing is essential since most parents spend considerable time on the internet, but your school marketing shouldn’t end there. Sharing your enrollment options and making your school accessible online will boost enrollment for your new school.

Fortunately, you’ve discovered this practical guide to school marketing and boosting enrollment. Continue reading for seven eye-opening tips to make the most of all types of marketing today!

1. Register With Local Google

Boosting enrollment with school marketing starts with a search engine like Google. Registering your school with Google is free and allows thousands of people near you to learn more about your school’s offerings. Families will have a simple time finding your school online, and you’ll gain new students if parents like what they see.

Start by creating a Google Business Profile for your school to maximize the benefits of the search engine. Your school will appear on maps when parents search for school options nearby. The process is quick and costs nothing, making it one of the best enrollment options to grow your school.

Your school will be registered and on Google Maps within 15 minutes. It’s the best approach to school marketing for sustainable growth.

2. Use SEO

SEO is another option to consider when exploring different types of marketing for your school. You need a robust website to build your school’s image and reach, and that website should contain valuable and beneficial content for your target audience.

You won’t gain new students if parents can’t find your school online. A website legitimizes your school and makes learning about your courses and faculty a breeze.

Using SEO makes categorizing your website and school much more straightforward. Your school will become a prominent option when families seek schools in the area to send their kids to. Find a firm that specializes in private school marketing to get a boost for your school’s enrollment.

3. Start a Blog

Starting a blog is a wonderful way to reach parents of potential students online. Your blog will provide the double bonus of boosting your school’s SEO, but it’s the perfect medium to provide valuable insights to parents. Many parents want a glimpse behind the scenes to learn more about your school’s operations.

Enrollment will increase when they trust your school’s administration and learning environment. They want a vision that matches the picture for their children’s learning experience. Blogs allow you to provide that information to parents so they have peace of mind about sending their children to your new school.

You can bring your school to life with well-written articles about daily life in your school. Focus on using the best keywords to improve your SEO while providing exciting info to parents of potential students through your website.

4. Ask for Online Reviews

Online reviews are an essential ingredient when gaining new students for your school. Over 95 percent of consumers in the US read online reviews before making a purchase or decision. Many parents will make a decision on a school based on the reviews from past and present parents.

Asking your students’ parents to leave a Google or Facebook review will aid your goal of boosting enrollment. Your school marketing will benefit through the grassroots effort that online reviews provide. Exploring the best review platforms for schools as part of your digital marketing is worthwhile.

Getting your school registered on these platforms will allow happy parents to leave reviews of your school. The better your reviews, the more new students you’ll get. Review sites also help you boost your SEO.

5. Market With Teachers

Teachers make the most significant difference in the educational experiences of students. They’re the people molding the minds of their pupils, and they’re the lifeblood of your efforts to boost enrollment. Use your teachers in your marketing efforts to gain new students through marketing videos, fun teacher interviews, and more.

The school’s leadership is vital, but the teachers make or break the learning experience. Parents will get sold on their enrollment options at your school when they’re sure that the teachers provide an excellent learning environment. Promoting the quality of your educators is a massive feather in your cap.

6. Script Your School Tour

Interested parents will want to tour your school, and you must prepare the best presentation possible. The school tour is one of the most critical parts of your school marketing, and getting it wrong could push potential students to enroll in a competitor’s school.

Look at what you wish to share with parents during the tour. Ensure that your message resonates with the parents of your potential students to make a strong impression and connection. Sharing how your school differs from others in the area is another strong selling point.

7. Offer a Free Trial

Allowing parents and students to try your school before committing to enrollment. You can offer a shadowing experience or film a day in the life at your school to show parents and students what their educational experience will be after enrolling. Choosing a new school is stressful for parents, but a free trial takes much of the stress out of the equation, making the decision much easier.

Take Your School Marketing Up a Notch

School marketing isn’t often considered when schools look at pathways to boosting enrollment and gaining new students but prioritizing digital marketing, and SEO will increase awareness. Offering school tours and free trials of your courses provide parents and students peace of mind while asking for online reviews boosts confidence in your school. Market your teachers to show your best and brightest.

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