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3 Ways to Stay Ahead of Advances in Technology

By Cristiana , in General , at May 20, 2023

Around the world, data reveals there are 1.35 million tech startups. Every day, innovators, thinkers, and entrepreneurs invent new technological ideas to make life much easier. Having information at your fingertips and quickly getting what you want seems to be the most significant trend.

How quickly are the advances in technology growing? Experts say that every 18 months, technology doubles when computing is measured.

As technology advances, there are big changes, but tiny ones too. All the small details can be the most frustrating to comprehend if you are not keeping up. It may seem like a giant maze, but that is not true.

Luckily, keeping up with technology trends is easier than you think. Here are the top three ways to stay ahead and benefit from knowing what’s new in technology.

1. Listen to Podcasts

Recent statistics show over two million podcasts and over 420 million podcast listeners. 38% of Americans listen to podcasts monthly. Further, 62% of American consumers listen to podcasts.

Everyone learns new information in their own personal way. There are typically four types of learners, which are:

  • Auditory learners
  • Kinesthetic learners
  • Reading/writing learners
  • Visual learners

For those who learn best through listening, then podcasts are perfect for you. It’s an excellent way to keep up to date on technology news in general and industry-specific advances.

Many podcasts are free. Plus, you can listen to them anywhere. That’s the beauty of podcasts.

Why Listeners Love Podcasts

You have a vast amount of information available that is easily accessible. You can listen to a podcast whether driving to work or the grocery store. If you are jogging, you can tune in from your smartphone.

On average, data suggests that the typical American listens to eight podcast episodes weekly

There are always changes in technology, and you can find out about them when you are cleaning your house or engaged in a mindless chore. Not only will you absorb details about technology trends, but it will help you appreciate something as simple as listening to someone else. It prompts you to pay attention, and you can allow your imagination to formulate images in your head.

Podcasts can entertain you while also encouraging you. As a listener, you can feel inspired and genuinely involved in what the speaker tells you, greatly benefiting your mental health. Your mind can create the story.

2. Technology Blogs

On the web today, around the world, there are 1.9 billion websites and 600 million of those are blogs. For 65% of content marketers, blogs are the most-used format.

When consumers want to learn about a product or solution, they often search for helpful blogs to help them understand whether to buy it. The most common reason people enjoy reading blogs is to learn something new.

Every day, users search Google to find out how to do things. Some of the best technology blogs include tutorial videos, step-by-step processes, fast facts, and guides. They attract a lot of traffic, too.

The Beauty of Following Your Favorite Blog Publishers

Plus, people read blogs for entertainment. As much as users crave advice and tips, they also enjoy a blog that amuses them. A blog can make you laugh with an exciting story or intriguing dialogue.

People also love publishing blogs as much as they love to read them. According to statistics, has 70 million new posts published monthly. 

Blogs are the go-to places to find technology trends. Another reason blogs are essential is that they can tell you what is trending worldwide, especially in technology. We highly recommend you check out Techigem for the freshest details.

3. Connect With Social Media

Recent data shows that 60% of the world uses social media. On average, users spend two hours and 24 minutes on social media.

Many social media influencers love talking about emerging trends, especially in technology. You can follow your favorite spokespeople, brands, and technology news outlets. Also, many organizations provide newsletters that you can subscribe to.

This way, breaking news and the latest trends will appear on your social media feed or through your email inbox.

Social media is the 21st-century way of learning when used appropriately. It helps citizens around the globe share, learn, and communicate about what’s new. That’s because social media, at its core, builds communities.

Humans Are Social By Nature and Via Technology

Engaging in social media connects and motivates its users. You can learn about technology trends passively, too. All you need to do is open your profile and scan your feed to see what is new.

Statistics suggest that the average social media user has 6.6 various social media platforms, on average, that they engage with. 

It’s easy to engage when you “like” or comment. You can ask questions in the comments, and other users in the community can help you. Further, you can share what you see on your feed and let alert your network when something interesting arises with technology.

Keeping Up With Advances in Technology

It seems daunting, but you can make it simple. The easiest ways to get ahead of the curve with technological advances are to listen to podcasts, read technology blogs, and follow technology brands and influencers on social media.

Everything you need to help you learn what is going on in technology is within your reach. Knowing where to look is key.

We publish new technology articles daily. So, if you want to know more about technology news and trends, don’t leave! There are tons of brilliant articles.

Keep clicking and get immersed in the wonder of where technology is taking us.


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