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How You Can Support Your Child as They Start Figure Skating

By Cristiana , in Sports , at November 7, 2022

If your child has expressed interest in figure skating, you may be wondering how you can support them as they start out. Skating is a challenging and rewarding sport that can provide your child with many opportunities for growth. Here are some tips for showing support for your child as they start figure skating.

1. Encourage Them

Starting any new hobby can be daunting, especially when it means putting on skates and stepping out onto the ice for the first time. As a parent, it’s important to encourage your child and let them know that you think they can do it. This doesn’t mean that you have to be pushy or put pressure on them, but a few words of encouragement can go a long way.

2. Help Them Manage Their Time

Figure skating requires a lot of time and dedication, which can be tough for kids to manage. As a parent, you can help by teaching them time management skills and helping them to plan their days. This includes things like setting a daily schedule, making a list of priorities and learning to say no to non-essential activities.

Of course, it’s important to give your child some flexibility and not be too overbearing. But if you can help them to stay on track, it will make a big difference in their skating career.

3. Help Them Practice

If your child is serious about figure skating, then practice is essential. You can help them by setting up regular practice times at home, taking them to the rink for extra sessions, and even helping them choreograph their routines. Of course, it’s important to respect their independence and not try to take over, but offering assistance is always appreciated.

4. Get Involved in Their Competition Life

Figure skating competitions can be pretty intense, both for the skaters and their families. As a parent, it’s important to get involved and show your support. This means attending as many competitions as possible and cheering loudly from the stands. It also means helping with logistics like transportation and accommodation. If you’re able to take some of the stress off of your child, it will make a big difference in their performance.

5. Teach Them About Nutrition

Eating healthy is important for everyone, but it’s especially crucial for figure skaters who need to maintain their energy levels and avoid injuries. As a parent, you can help by teaching your child about nutrition and encouraging them to eat healthy foods.

This includes making sure they’re getting enough protein for muscle recovery, complex carbs for energy production, and healthy fats for joint health. You can also help by packing healthy snacks for them to eat before practice or competition.

6. Encourage Them to Stay Humble

It’s important for every athlete to stay humble, no matter how successful they become. Figure skating is no different – in fact, it might be even more important in this sport because of its individual nature. As a parent, you can help by reminding your child not to get too ahead of themselves and always stay grounded.

This doesn’t mean they can’t dream big, but it does mean keeping things in perspective and not getting too caught up in the results. losses are inevitable and part of the learning process; what matters most is how they handle these setbacks. Staying humble will help them better deal with these challenges. Not only will this advice benefit them in figure skating, but it will also serve them well in life.

7. Get Them the Right Equipment

If your child is serious about figure skating, then they’re going to need the right equipment. This includes items like figure skates, blades, practice clothes, and competition costumes. It’s important to get high-quality items that fit well and provide support. You can talk to other parents, coaches, or even the salespeople at the skating rink to get advice on where to buy and what to look for.

Additionally, it’s important to make sure your child has the right insurance in case of any accidents. Figure skating can be dangerous, so it’s crucial to have the proper protection in place.


As you can see, there are many ways you can support your child as they start figure skating. It’s important to get involved in their life and help them to manage their time and resources. Additionally, you can teach them about nutrition and encourage them to stay humble. By following these tips, you’ll set your child up for success both on and off the ice.


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