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Developing Your Own Interior Design Portfolio

Generating credibility, boosting your chances of securing clients, setting yourself apart from your competition, and showing off your creativity are some of the benefits of developing a professional portfolio. You may think to create a portfolio only works for writers, marketers, among other careers.

Believe it or not, developing an interior design portfolio is vital to establish yourself as a top interior designer in your area. You may think only experienced designers have one, but it’s never too early to get one. Don’t know how to create your own?

We’ve got you covered. Here are the steps you should follow to create an interior design portfolio that wows your potential clients.

1. Decide What Type of Portfolio You Want to Create

Choosing the type of portfolio is the first step to start showcasing your work. You can create an online or print version of it. You should consider creating both types so you can provide several options to your potential clients.

You might think it’s too expensive to create both versions. Yet, you can create your own online portfolio for free using tools such as Adobe Spark.

2. Choose Photos of Your Most Innovative Projects

The key to making a portfolio that wows your potential clients is showcasing your best projects. Choose photos of your most creative interior design endeavors.

Try your best to show step-by-step, before and after photos of your projects. Showcasing your best projects will help your customers gain insight into what to expect.

3. Detail Your Academic Credentials and Professional Experience

Besides your projects, it’s important to detail your academics and professional experience in your portfolio. Potential employers use your resume to employ you. Most clients aren’t an exception to this rule.

Your potential customers want to learn about your story and what makes you different from your competitors. If you’re a newbie interior designer, you may think you need to gain more experience. Yet, you can detail your do-it-yourself and internship projects.

4. Attach Your Contact Information and Customer Testimonials

Besides telling your story, you should also include all your contact information in your portfolio. Make sure to add your website, professional email, office address, phone number, among other relevant details. You may consider featuring customer testimonials as well.

If you’re getting reviews on your website or review sites, you can feature them besides photos of their projects. After completing a project, you should ask your customers to review your work. Asking for their opinion will help you obtain more reviews to feature on your portfolio and learn how you can improve your service.

5. Share or Print Your Portfolio

Once you create an interior design portfolio, it’s time to print or share it on your website. If you don’t know how to build an online version or choose the right interior design portfolio layout, you may consider hiring a web developer or using a template-based site builder. To print your portfolio, you should make sure to choose a printing service that offers high-quality services.
As an interior designer, every client you meet will want to peep at your interior design portfolio. If you don’t have one yet, here’s how to create it.

Can You Create the Best Interior Design Portfolio?

You can develop the best interior design portfolio. It will all come down to designing one that fits your ideal customer and showcases what makes you different from your competitors. Are you looking for large or small projects?

Maybe you specialize in interior design for residences, offices, or both. Either way, your portfolio must communicate your style and design services.

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