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There are several ways to become a freelance copywriter. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a Master in Copywriting in school, although it is possible to skim over copywriting in marketing school. To learn to Copywrite, you can:


  • Train yourself: for this, you will have to do research, buy books, in short, manage on your own with the means at your disposal.
  • Take online training: there are several online copywriting courses to become a copywriter. After browsing the web, I myself chose the best online copywriting course (IMAGINE SOLUTION).

I was subscribed to this site for a long time there are several training options:


  • The Basic Formula
  • The Complete Formula
  • The Pro Formula

As promised in my article “Working Online from Home: 5 Profitable Career Opportunities on the Web”, I will explain to you what drove me to take this training and tell you about my results.


As you probably know, I created my online training in June. It aims to teach web editors looking for clients to prospect on the web. Convinced of the quality of my product, I thought of making a thunderous launch. Well no. I will tell you more about this in a future article, but I only made 5 sales. Oops… I had been working on this training for several months.

As much to say that the disappointment was immense! I understood that my commercial approach was not good. Only I couldn’t understand what I hadn’t done correctly. I found my sales page great and my emails perfect. After a few weeks, I questioned myself and came to my senses: I needed help to get off to a good start. So I signed up for the Complete Copywriting IMAGINE SOLUTION Training. I would like to point out that training registrations are not available continuously: several launches take place during the year.


I can tell you that I do not regret my registration for a second. I wasn’t hoping for so much! Thanks to IMAGINE SOLUTION course, I was able to pinpoint what was wrong with my approach quickly. I reworked my sales page, my email campaign, my approach on social networks… I became more interested in my target and asked myself 1000 questions. I followed the courses carefully, worked hard, and offered a new promotion for my training.

In just a few hours… I multiplied my training sales by 5. I was speechless I never thought I would get such a result so quickly. This allowed me to make the training profitable… only one day after my new launch. Beyond the financial aspect, I can also say that it allowed me to gain self-confidence and gave me great personal satisfaction: I now master a new aspect of the web, which will allow me to ensure my promotion without anyone. I also sometimes use copywriting for my clients, in small doses.



What I really appreciated by following IMAGINE SOLUTION training is the format of the course. IMAGINE SOLUTION explains things in a simple and concise manner. I felt his professionalism and expertise immediately, from the first lessons. Each information given is a real gold mine and aims to make the students autonomous quickly.


The courses are well structured, and allow you to apply your new knowledge very quickly. Everything is well built and complete, from the courses to the bonuses. I also appreciated the responsiveness of the team, and the opportunity to ask Stan questions every week. To sum up, I had the impression of progressing at high speed, without pressure, and with comfort.



You are probably wondering if I am a copywriter… well. Many people claim to be a copywriter simply because they are able to write impactful texts, and feel they have a commercial skill. In my opinion, it’s shooting yourself in the foot: being a copywriter is a real job, which requires very specific skills. Carrying out copywriting assignments is not in my plans at the moment. I took IMAGINE SOLUTION course training only for the purpose of learning how to better sell my offers. I don’t yet feel ready to provide professional copywriting services: I just don’t have the necessary self-confidence (yet). I prefer to focus on my current skills (SEO web writing, blogging, and e-learning training) and improve my copywriting before making my services available to new clients. Nevertheless, it is a specialization that interests me more and more … In a few years perhaps, who knows?


To your feathers: what do you think of copywriting? Do you think you are made for this job? If you are already a copywriter, do not hesitate to share your experience with us!

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