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Animals That Look Sweet But Are Kinda Spicy

By Jacob , in Pets , at December 18, 2022

Wild animals can be cute, no doubt about it. But they are called wild animals for a reason, and they can be quite spicy. Don’t let these creatures’ looks deceive you because they are dangerous in certain circumstances.

Leopard Seal

Leopard seals can be hard to resist, with big brown eyes and a mouth curved upwards into a permanent smile. But watch out because leopard seals are carnivores and are always ready for another meal. They are also larger than you think, commonly reaching lengths up to 12 feet and weighing 1,000 pounds.


One of the largest North American mammals is the moose, and it is undeniably cute in its own way. The average moose is about 800 to 1500 pounds, and when it is unhappy, it can be one of the scariest animals in the world. Moose usually only attack to protect their babies, but they can become aggressive when people, dogs, or traffic threaten them.

Even though deer are scared of people, their moose cousins aren’t. If a moose appears in your yard and seems friendly, don’t take that as an invitation to get closer. Sometimes a moose will flee when threatened, but they don’t always run away. To be on the safe side, watch out for signs that a moose is about to attack.

Slow Loris

The slow loris is a primate that lives in southern Asia, and because they are so slow, they can’t escape predators. With their huge eyes, they look a lot like a small Ewok, and you might want to cuddle one of these adorable tree-dwellers. That is–until you find out about their toxic bite.

The slow loris is the only primate in the world that produces toxins. It has toxins on the underside of its upper arms, and when threatened, it raises its arms in a defensive posture. Then, it licks the toxins from its skin to create a deadly cocktail.


Another super cute mammal that produces deadly toxins is the platypus. The duck-billed platypus is a unique creature that is an iconic symbol of Australia, and scientists continue to study it to learn more about the evolution of its species.

Platypus have venom glands connected to hollow spurs on their hind legs, and though charming, they can leave their victims incapacitated for weeks. They are almost unbelievably strange, and in fact, the first European scientists to examine them in the 1700s thought they were fakes sewn together from several different species. Besides having a duck bill and laying eggs, platypus have a tail like a beaver and webbed feet like otters.

Asian Small-Clawed Otter

Speaking of otters, here is another exceptionally darling animal that can be feisty. The Asian small-clawed otter is the smallest otter species, weighing less than ten pounds, but it is vicious when it attacks its prey. Though these small otters usually eat crayfish, mollusks, and fish, they have been known to take down large snakes and crabs.

Though very rare, otter attacks on humans do happen, but otters usually reserve their bad tempers to protect their young and their territories. Because of declining habitat and intense poaching, Asian small-clawed otters are listed as Vulnerable Species.

These Sweet Animals Need Your Help

Even though they act tough when invaders threaten them in their habitat, all of these sweet animals need your help. Raising awareness about declining animal populations and shrinking habitats are ways to help these cute but spicy animal friends.


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