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5 Most Common Ergonomic Issues & Solutions for Them

By Adam Clark , in Health , at January 30, 2021 Tags: ,

Summary: Your sit-stand desk will help you conveniently work when you correct all ergonomic issues that cause discomforts while working. A few changes will support your health-friendly working.

Meta description: Ergonomics plays a major role in improving your working environment. If you have standing desks, learn to correct your ergonomic problems.

An ergonomically designed workplace encourages employees to work with ease. They will not feel pain while working and can pay more attention to their job. Along with benefiting an employee, it also helps employers get quality work for their businesses. Ergonomics is the science that redesigns a workplace to reduce the discomfort for the employees at work. A standing desk brings a positive change in the work environment by transforming a traditional office into a health-friendly workplace.

When it comes to office ergonomics, people have become more concerned now. A study done by Gallup Poll revealed that around 70% of employees experienced musculoskeletal issues. American Medical Association also cited that employees, who experience pain, lose five and half hours of productivity due to the discomfort.

You can solve work-related injuries and pain by redesigning your workplace ergonomically. A few easy changes to your habit will prove effective for your health. Here are the best solutions for you.

Ergonomic Problems and Solutions:

Not Maintaining Neutral Position:

You can align your joints when you work while keeping your body in a neutral position. Maintaining a neutral position helps you release stress from muscles, joints, and tendons, thus reducing musculoskeletal injury chances. Your body position at the workplace plays a very crucial role in your work. Here, we have mentioned a few things that will help you work in a neutral position.

  • Do not tilt your head backward, forward, or side to side. Keep your head above your shoulders.
  • Keep your hips slightly above your knees as it releases pressure from your bones.
  • Keep your knees at a 90-degree angle, and make sure that there is a gap of 2-3 inches between the knees and the chair’s front edge.
  • Rest your feet flat on the floor. If your chair height is high, you can use a footrest.

Repetitive motions:

The repetitive motions can cause pain and injury in your body. If you think that using an ergonomic desk can protect you from back pain, neck strain, or other discomforts, your knowledge is incomplete. Along with choosing a standing desk for your work, a few changes in your body alignment or your daily activities can help you stay active at work.

Repetitive motions can be anything from answering phones to typing. Though these activities do not cause strain, the continuous use of muscles for performing the same activities causes pain and strain to the muscles.

Use ergonomically designed office furniture to prevent any risks associated with your work. A standing desk helps employees sit or stand while working. This way, they can change their body positions while working.

You can also follow a few things like using headphones when answering phone calls and changing your body position while performing your regular tasks to avoid strain.

Awkward positioning:

Awkward positions are those when your body bends extensively from the neutral position to complete a task. This extensive change in position can cause body pain, no matter whether you use an ergonomic desk or not. These awkward positions generate pain in your musculoskeletal structure. Keep everything in arm’s reach to avoid such problems.

Forget to move frequently:

When you stay in a single body position for long hours, it can cause serious health issues like obesity and type 2 diabetes. Our office job requires us to sit for a prolonged time, and it causes pain and muscle injury. Even if you are using a sit-stand desk, the habit of moving your body will make you more active.

A study suggested that employees are required to move for every 30 minutes of sitting. This habit reduces the chance of developing a musculoskeletal injury. So, move after every 30 minutes of your work.

Pulling injuries:

Some jobs need employees to move objects from one place to another. When they pull an object, it puts pressure on muscles, and it can cause muscle strain. The best solution for avoiding this condition is to push rather than pull. It puts less stress on your shoulders. Pushing also allows you to see where you are going clearly.

Set your workstation ergonomically for your safe working. NextErgo promises employees to redesign their workplace that takes care of their health. The company has spent many years on ergonomics and office furniture to design a standing desk that entirely solves your problem.

NextErgo Smart Standing desk for your ergonomic workstation:

Employees experience pain in their back, neck, shoulders, and other body parts due to the unhealthy working culture. Prolonged sitting or standing is harmful to health, and most jobs require employees to sit or stand for long hours without any break.

NextErgo understood employees’ problems. They also offered solutions through their electric sit-stand desks with advanced features like posture correction, standing goals, usage reports, voice control, and more.

The 8-inch touchscreen shows you visual details about setting up an ergonomic workstation or how to sit or stand properly at your desk.

It is a smart standing desk with advanced features like hand level and eye level detection. Not only do you sit or stand while working at your desk, but you can also track your health requirements very well. The desk with AI feature offers your fitness alerts on when to take a break, eat a healthy snack, and exercise.

This smart desk also guides you on your standing goal during your workday. Even though the standing desk has many advanced features, you can easily control the desk’s features. The touchscreen and voice control allows you to adjust your desk as per your working comfort easily.

Sit-stand desks have many amazing features. The 3-stage height adjustment gives you the most preferred options for your work. The lifting speed is also fast and smooth, and it does not disturb your working flow. NextErgo Smart Desk is designed ergonomically for your working comfort. Visit our product pages to know more about our desks.


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